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It's a RED HOT emergency!

Sound the SIREN, this party is too CUTE to handle. You may remember the very talented mum that created a beautiful party for her twin daughters first birthday last year, this time its a RED HOT theme being a Fire Engine party! Celebrating their second birthday with the fairly untraditional 'girly' colours of red and blue, yet the clever mum still manages to make it look so sweet and feminine. I love all the details from the hand painted fire truck race, an actual fire engine truck and firemen make an appearance, small fireman hats and even mum's red rose in her hair! Best of all, are the smiles on the children and adult faces, what fun! The invitation is soon to appear on my new website.
I love parties in the park and this has convinced me to throw one for Master E who turned 5 not too long ago! Although the rain fairies do like to appear at every single one of my shindig's!

Picnic in the Park

Birthday Girl has trumped again - I adore this Picnic in the Park party theme, it's perfect for a Spring birthday party in which there is minimal cleaning up and tons of fun for the kids.

I would fly a kite, roll down a hill, have a sack race and play Bull Rush {does anyone else remember this game?}.

Only a few weeks until Spring..... and counting!

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