Milkshake Bar

 MILKSHAKES - original photo credits here

 The Milkshake Bar was created for the Samuel Gilbert primary school school fete last year and was a smashing success. It helped having quality products like Bells Milk Bar syrups which are handcrafted {the perfect drinks mixer for any party - cannot recommend HIGHLY enough!} and Serendipity Ice-cream {the creamiest, melt in your mouth ice-cream you will ever taste}. Milkshakes are a HIT at any age and time of the month!

Flavours - Chocolate, strawberry, spearmint and vanilla
Toppings - Strawberries, cherry ripe, flake, mint, snakes and of course, Whipped cream with a Cherry on top!

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 Inspiration was gathered from the following:

and the Retro Cherry Birthday Party
by The Sweetest Occasion. LOVE the red lipstick!!
More photos here

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