It's Grease Lightning!

Two invitation options for the Grease inspired party which was custom designed.

Who doesn't love the movie Grease? Olivia's transformation into a vixen dressed in skin tight black Lycra and the super cool dances moves by King Travolta. Georgia from Munchkin Tables created this 1950's diner as the setting. The detailing is spot on with the mix of red and white striped awning and the black chequered tablecloths, vinyl records, splashes of chrome, a jukebox for the children to choose their music to dance too, a lemonade and milkshake stand and hot dogs and french fries to eat has me reminiscing about the times my cousin and I used our hairbrushes as our microphones, big hair - bottles of hairspray, the bed as our stage and our family as our's GREASE lightning!


Anonymous said...

Cute idea but I think 5 is too young for makeup. What does she even know about Grease anyway!

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Oh, what a cool diner setting for this party! Love the snappy red and white palette & all the cute "vintage" details!

La Dinette said...

Oh my gosh, this is the funniest party ever! KIDS are SO SO cute! And do i need to add Grease is one of my favourite movies!