Craft Party

Craft party invitation and thank you tag by imprintables. Thought I share with you some activities and inspiration behind the craft party invitation. This is a great party theme for a winter birthday, just invite a small number of friends, use old glass jars and fill with bits and bobs like ribbon, felt, buttons, scraps of paper, fabric, glue, scissors, tape etc. Have a few structured activities like the ones below and then let their imaginations run wild!

Paint your own shoes by Martha Stewart, with canvas shoes being so inexpensive or ask children to bring in an old pair of sneakers, they can be created into mini works of art - love the painted shoelaces too! Here are the instructions here.

The Red Thread have available these great kits which includes a sewing pattern and instructions and a face panel printed on linen/cotton blend fabric.

Purl Bee have a range of great craft activities for children. I found this great tutorial on how to make these heart shaped barrettes here.

Remember making these at school, weren't they all the rage? Friendship bracelets were as nice to be given as to be received.

Craft party favors - cotton bags filled with trinkets of felt, wool, stamps, needle and thread Craft party cake - felt creations stuck onto a buttercream cake

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What a great concept: a craft party!