Real Parties

Hello lovelies, since I have not been blogging as much lately I thought I'd share with your some of my very clever customer's parties, aren't they simply divine! I love showing what people can create in their own environment, how a few pretty details creates a welcoming party.

Alex created this masterpiece for her gorgeous daughter Ava, the ribbon background is my favourite piece. The colour selection is just so perfect. See more photos on the sweetest occasion blog.

Dimitra ordered this invitation for her bridal shower,
look at the heart shaped scones with jam!

This beautiful butterfly inspired party by Di from RASPBERRY RASCALS, had so many lovely elements such as a wishing well in which guests were invited to write a wish for the birthday girl which she could treasure.

Am loving Skye's interpretation of this Hopscotch invitation into a playful party celebration, love the coordinating cake!

AHOY! You may remember this clever mum's previous parties - circus, frog prince and construction. I love the white paper boats floating on blue jelly and the mini donut buoys.


Lili said...

awesome parties!!!

KatieBarrett said...

this is soooo lovely, I wish you were in the uk!!