Chalkboard Paint in colours!!

I''m breathless with excitement - Yes! SIX DIFFERENT COLOURS!!!! Cherry Nose, cicada, dragonfly, oceania, pirate black and whale bone. Sibella Court is the genius behind this and is available here. Images by The Society Inc.


lisa :: the red thread said...

Hey Nathalie.
The colours are gorgeous.
Porters Paints also have a nice range of coloured chalkboard paint, including a lovely teal.
Very inspiring huh?

Belinda said...

What a fab blog! I've just spent the longest time reading it. So very beautiful.

The Twinery said...

Love this paint! It's SO perfect for a kids play room...just paint the whole wall and let 'em at it!

here's another seller of chalkboard paint - SO MANY COLORS!

D said...

That is super super cool!

I am getting me some of that ASAP!

Thanks for sharing


Melinda said...

I love the pink. Pink is my one weakness.