Spring Garden Christening - Snapshot

A snapshot!
let me tell you a little more about Scissors.Paper.Cake! Hello Naomi has had international recognition for her ingenious cupcake designs such as Pacman, Super Mario, Ice-cream sundae, Alice in Wonderland, bugs and bees and so many more! But not much is talked about the taste or quality of her ingredients. Did you know that she makes her very own vanilla essence! Her cupcakes and cookies are just so light and moist that people are surprised by the taste as they are not overly sweet and eating a few is just so easy to do. I have seen people try them and within 5 minutes they are back buying more because they just taste sooo good! Hello Naomi now has added coconut ice, marshmallows, lemonade and profiteroles to the menu and best of all, these are all made by her using her very own recipe. Now is she one clever bird or what?
The majority of items supplied by Scissors.Paper.Cake is handcrafted; To bring a party to fruition involves many late nights of printing, folding, granaching, beating, mixing, moulding, paper cuts, emails, phone chats, taste testing, colour testing and our favourite - packing! So please excuse the dark circles underneath our eyes, this truly is, our labour of love - enjoy!

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Whitney @ Whisker Graphics said...

You both do such jaw-dropping, BEAUTIFUL work! Magazine worthy. Really.