Introducing scissors.paper.cake
Perfectly styled parties with the cutest cakes, sweetest sweets, unique handcrafted decorations and of course, oh- so stylish invitations. Our products are custom made and personalised to create a truly unique party. We can organise party packages to suit any budget and can deliver to most places in Australia. A set up service is also available from Newcastle to Sydney.
Naomi {from Hello Naomi} and Nathalie {imprintables} met in 2008 and instantly bonded over their love of creative parties. Their ideas, products and design style worked so well together that they recently decided to start the party styling business: scissors.paper.cake!

Pictures were taken at Sydney's Mathilda's Market, next time I'll make sure Naomi isn't behind the camera and is also in the frame, doesn't she take beautiful photos?


Cupcakes and Cutlery said...

OMG!!! Stunning!!! The photos are beautiful and I can imagine your treats look even more amazing in person.


Penelope said...

Oh be still my heart! I've been a long term lover of Hello Naomi and discovered you through Real Living and fell instantly in love (hope that doesn't sound too stalkerish? LOL). Now I find that the two of you work together??? Swoon!

Pity I'm not close enough to take advantage of your party planning...Kalgoorlie, WA is not close to anything!