Halloween decor + food

Tabouleh by Amoun.

I always struggle in finding simple food options for the parents. This time with the help of some great friends, it was roast chicken served with a variety of salads - tabouleh, pumpkin salad {of course} and cous cous with roasted vegetables were served.

Cute cupcakes made by Leesa.

Cous cous by Lena + Maysa.

BBQ Corn cobs by Linda.

My concoction of a frozen slushy for mums!

Mini pumpkins look hand painted.

small decorative cups hold organic honey popcorn adorned with a bat!

The drinks + cutlery table

Door decor.

Black paper bats were found in unusual places.

Creepy crawlers were found on the table cloth.

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Sharnel said...

everything looked perfect. love the magic show!