Halloween by Scissors.Paper.Cake

Cake table, party decor and pumpkin cake created by Scissors.Paper.Cake.
Hello Naomi did a fabulous job with the cake, cookies and cupcakes. The owl cookies are my favourite and were snapped up in a flash! We wanted to use grey to add a cutenees to the theme and soften the appearance to make it suitable for the age of the children which ranged from baby up to 10yrs.

Naomi's coconut ice + marshmellows are handmade and are delicious!
The coconut ice is a huge favourite with the adults.
The mini pumpkins really do set the scene.

Just the right amount cutesy spooky I think!

My favourite...Coconut ice!

Want this exact party !
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Sharnel said...

wow Nathalie, the party was amazing. You and Naomi rock!!!

Lily Lemontree said...

Absolutely adorable! I never thought about switching out the black for grey but it looks fabulous!

*swankytables*Annette said...

Gorgeous, love everything about it!!!

Anonymous said...

The party was absolutely amazing!!! The invitations,food, decorations and the atmosphere you created for both the adults and children was WOW! Oliver had a fantastic time! Thank you for the invite!

birthday girl said...

absolutly beautiful! i love love LOVE it! so clever.

Dayna said...

The Owl cookies are adorable. We are throwing a owl themed baby shower and think these would be great as favors. How did you make them?