To celebrate my birthday on Monday I would like to giveaway a personalised stamp and ink pad of your choice. To thank my existing followers, I will choose from a comment already published on my blog and if you haven't commented previously for your chance to win, I would love to hear of any ideas, suggestions that you would like me to cover or your what favourite post has been thus far.
Winner will be notified on Tuesday 20th October.
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carrie said...

just recently found your blog when I found the apple themed party. we just did one very similar for my daughter! happy birthday and keep up the good work.

breakaheartroad said...

Hi - I just found your blog last week and love the kiddie parties! I LOVE the pics of the Cowboy party you found recently, what a great idea to capture a party like art. Much nicer than all the cheesy party pics I have so far of my little guys. (one of which is a real cowboy and wears his hat, boots and shirt every day, oh yeah, he's three)

Audrey said...

I'm new to visiting your blog, but I love the party ideas that you show. Looking back over past entries, I think that the Spring Garden Party is beautiful!

Liss said...

I'm pretty sure I've left a comment, but if I haven't I am a fairly new (but loyal and impressed) follower.

I'm planning a 'rainbow' party at present for my almost four-year-old twin girls (at their request) I have the cake, jelly and doilies sorted, loving the inspiration I get here :)

Anonymous said...

Hi - I read your blog weekly, love it! Your post on the mermaid party was perfect for me. We are planning our daughter's party after this theme. It was a great party idea for me. I look forward to future posts and have a wonderful birthday!

Jessica said...

What cute stamps!! I just found your blog about 2 weeks ago. I bookmarked it and have been checking in daily. I love your kids party ideas!!

Hope you have a Happy Birthday!!

Natalie said...

Dear Nathalie,

Happy Birthday! I have been so impressed with your designs , having ordered both christening (elegant design) and our 2 year olds birthday party (Once I caught a fish alive design)stationary. I am rather looking forward to the next - I have my eye on the Garden Party design. Plus I am loving the comments from my guests on how beautiful your work is.

Til next time,
Natalie Bazina

Carla Burns said...

You are an inspirational creator! I have an art background and run my own cake and deli cafe in Brisbane, not allowing much spare time for my own creations at home. I love receiving your email updates and adore all of you designs. I think it is a combination of the textures and warmth in every design that makes them so special. It is my Imogen's 3rd birthday today and we have planned our own party this time, but still have fond memories of your invitations for her first party. I can't wait to see your Christmas designs, I plan on getting some for my special and closest friends. Well Done from one working mum to another, Carla x

tealeclan said...

I would like to start with the story of how I came to find your lovely store,
I received a thank you card in the mail from a bridal shower and I wanted to know more,
It was the most adorable thank you card I think I had seen,
It was a beautiful little Cupcake Design, personalized with her name in gorgeous aquamarine,
So I popped it on the fridge and everyday I would look at it and say,
I wonder where that adorable stationary is from, it is just too cute to put away,
So there it stayed for a few months,
Until one day I was flicking through my magazines and saw a stationary advertisement and had a hunch,
I thought Google is the answer I am looking for,
Surely I can find it searching cupcake meanwhile finding more stationary I adore!
It didn’t take me long, only a few sites
I found the cupcakes at a fantastic store called Imprintables, I was tickled with delight!
Before I started I thought I must make sure I can be kept up to date,
As this lovely store is sure to grow and if there are sales I don’t want to be late,
So I joined the blog and I emailed and made sure I was added to the newsletter,
I will also join any facebook page or twitter of this trend setter! 
I then spent a long time just devouring the site,
And just admiring all the wonderful designs and thinking that would be just right, and that one would be just right,
Now my eyes where opened to this wonderful place,
I started to see it everywhere including the Kids Confidential and My Child advertising space,
I have so many events in the next year,
Including a first birthday, our house warming and hopefully number two will be a bit nearer,
So I am planning my events and considering just which to choose,
As it is incredible hard when several beautiful designs can be used,
So some new ideas can be hard,
But I will try my best to suggest some new designs for your cards,
You have the spots and you have the stripes,
How about combining them in a fun, funky way as they never date and always look right,
So we are having a house warming,
Maybe some invitations with little houses or “we have moved” cards as they will be stylish and informing,
Paper lanterns are beautiful and for parties is the latest rage,
Maybe a dainty string of lanterns would look lovely on a page,
Using Gelati and pastels are my cup of tea,
But also the colours of winter and fall could be used nicely,
Pirates are hip and are in, in a big so some shiver me timbers,
Invitations might not go astray,
My friend is planning on have a cowboy party as she is the host with the most,
So I sent her the link to you cowboy party blog post,
What great inspiration she can take,
Like the horses from cardboard boxes you can make!
So maybe some stationary to match the cowboy theme,
You could imagine sending such cool invites in the mail, the party is going to be a scream!
So I hope I have helped with some ideas,
And I hope you have enjoyed my little story of how I found you from a simple thank you from my peers,
So I would like to say thank you to you,
For using your talent to create stationary that is fun, funky and stylish too!

Thank you for such a beautiful giveaway!


Debbie Piddington said...

Happy Birthday Nathalie,
My favourite would have to be the vintage circus theme. It was what drew me to your website in the first place. Since then we have used the custom bunting invitations for our daughter's party in the park last year. Are you bringing out a Christmas range? Some other ideas might be a superhero theme or Halloween theme... both invitations I have been searching for. I love keeping updated on your blog. Keep up the great work!

martine said...

Finally a range for little people that is stylish (and not cheesy!!). Thank you, we LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Happy Birthday - keep on being creative

kyliet said...

happy birthday for today, my sister in law shares the same day!
I have been a fan of yours since you first appeared in shop til you drop for kids Mag. My all time favorite party theme was the Circus theme ( i think you did for your own son?) I especially loved the goodie bags and the old fashioned games - Stacked tins with a ball was my favorite. I love the way you can choose a theme buy some stuff and make some of your own to go with it. After finding you I could not resist one of your personalised stamps for myself - I choose the "hand Crafted by..." one - I love it and use it often and have referred many friends to your site - I would love another for my son - thank you for your endless inspiration - well done and keep up the good work.
:) kylie.

kyliet said...

I have loved your work and followed you since I first discovered you in "shop til you drop for kids" My all time favorite was the Circus theme you covered in that mag - I loved the invites, goodie bags and the old fashioned games - especially the ball and tin game. I loved your personalised stamps so much I bought the "Hand Crafted by" stamp for all my creative work that I give away to friends/family etc. I would love to see not only children covered but some more stuff for the big kids, ie me. I have a 40th birthday approaching and would love some grown up ideas for a home party theme- tasteful of course! Thanks for the inspiration to date, your great!:) kylie.

Trudie said...

Happy Birthday! Would love to see some images of the stylish event you are having to celebrate your day! I've only just found this blog and I can't get enough!

Jo said...

Hi Nathalie
After finding you and you creating those beautiful invitations for my son's Baptism I love to check in and be inspired by the images on your blog. I love that it is always so elegant and beautiful, but especially love your themed posts - like 'tweet tweet' with the bird party... oh and eye candy with that half circle bunting... then the polka dot shoes.... Ok, I love it all!

Louise said...

Hi Nathalie - Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Just wanted to let you know that you have a real following with your beautiful party invitations - they're such a fave of my customers!
Louise - 'amitychild'