Favourite Finds...Gifts

Laikonik's Once-A-Year photo albums. A concertina album that spans for 18 years. Simple yet so visually beautiful! image from LMNOP.com.au

As told by Kasia on her blog: "Having two children of my own now I want to create for them a record of their gowing up years. They are too busy to think about the future now or how they will view their past. And good on them for being too busy as they are discovering their world and themselves and finding their place. I will keep records for them. I will write down all their little habits, their triumphs and sad moments. I hope that this endevour will help me know them better and help me slow down a little to observe more, listen more, do less and talk less.One day they will want to know about their past and I just know they will be fascinated with a story of their own lives that spanned the first 18 years. I will include things not just about them but also about our world and what is happening in it. I hope that perhaps one day all that I have recorded may help them in some way to know themselves better."

Cuboro marble set - is a construction set of solid wooden cubes that work as a maze for marbles. There are endless possible constructions and think this would be a great gift for boys. May this be the toy that they could play with over a number of years, doesn't need batteries AND could possibly play in unison? I'll have THREE please!!!

The Red Thread's original vintage heart boxes. Individually hand cut from vintage and specialty papers then grouped according to colour, tone and pattern before being sewn together. The Vintage Heart Boxes tell a mini story: text from the books is assembled under the vibrant hearts. Each Heart Box is signed by Lisa Tilse.

Little Drummer Boy - Wooden drum set from Amelie's Room, not quite as noisy as the original.

Custom made super hero cape - by monkeytail and wellington.

Would love to hear your thoughts. I am starting a new section of favourite finds, it will contain anything related to parties that are available online or from your local shop and pricing that ranges from small change to OTT {over the top} items. Let me know what you think?

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