Pinwheels - Oh the nostalgia! A beautful pinwheel sets the tone for fun, fun fun!
Julia's first birthday as told by mum:
"The pinwheel theme started with the invites and flowed through from there. I made the pinwheels with paper I bought from a scrapbooking store - and the colours seemed to fit with the colour scheme of the invitations. I made cookie wands to hand out with the lolly bags and pinwheels and chose a star shaped cookie. The kids loved them!!

At the last minute we found an Oobi dress that had what looked like little pinwheels all over it!"

How to make a Pinwheel:

As found on Martha Stewart's website:
Cut a thin dowel or skewer to desired length (clip pointed end from skewer); paint and let dry. Choose two coordinating sheets of origami or lightweight paper.
Cut a square from each the size you'd like your pinwheel to be (ours range from 3 to 6 inches). Use spray mount to glue squares together.
Fold in half, diagonally, and in half again, then unfold.
Cut along each crease two-thirds of way to square's center, dividing each corner into two points. Bring every other point to center so points overlap.
Hold in place, poke a pushpin through center, and, keeping points in place, remove pushpin. Insert a map pin into hole formed (the pushpin hole is slightly larger than circumference of the map pin, enabling the pinwheel to spin).
Thread a small bead onto pin behind the wheel, and poke pin into dowel 1/2 inch from top. To prevent wood from splitting, soak the dowel tip in water before inserting map pin. Party Pinwheels How-To:
1. Cut four 2 1/2" circles for each pinwheel from solid craftstock. Cut each circle in half.
2. Cut two 2" circles from coordinating patterned paper. Cut each circle in half and adhere to the solid half-circles.
3. Arrange into pinwheel shape as shown and adhere to wooden skewer using tissue tape. Adhere candy sticker to the center of each pinwheel.

I love how CLEVER mum's make the birthday cake to coordinate with the party invitation:

imprintables pinwheel invitation

Cake made by Anabelle's mum!


MyriamM said...

I love this theme! What little one can resist a pinwheel right?! The cake is a great touch! Thanks for sharing.

birthday girl said...

hey nathalie... i love the idea of a pinwheel party! adorable!!!

ps- your post is up today... hope you like it! :)

toriejayne said...


I have just found your blog thru, Wow! such beautifully creative ideas, I can't wait to try some out.