A Little Bird Told me

I have long been a fan of Polkadot cookies and cakes and recently had the privilege of browsing through their amazing collection of cookies and cakes. Polkadot cookies and cakes introduced us to the world of the delightful cookie art six years ago. Isn't great to hear of a small 'mum' successful business - it certainly gives me hope! Congratulations! Their work is impeccable and are still setting the trends in cake design.

Looking through their collection I realised we both share a LOVE of polka dots, scallops and stripes. By chance, I found a cake that would coordinate with "A Little Bird Told Me" invitation. This cake was so much prettier that I HAD to re-design the invitation from this:

to this:
Cake by Polkadot Cookies & Cake

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kara said...

ADORABLE! So, so cute.