Twin Girls 1st Birthday Celebration

Below some lovely words by mum, Rebecca and equally beautiful photos.
Sometimes I thought I would never make it to Charlotte and Stella's 1st birthday. It has been the longest 12 months of my life looking after two bubs, but truly the most joyful and gorgeous year also. How quickly they go from being perfectly swaddled packages to opinionated little princesses! I don't remember the details of who did what when or how many millions of nappies and bottles of formula we have been through, it seems like such a blur. But the end result is that we have two beautiful girls, both as cheeky and clever as each other and my husband and I are so blessed.

For their 1st birthday we wanted the party to be as much for the girls as it was for the adults. They both love playing under our lemon tree and being outside. They also love their tea set.

Nathalie's beautiful garden party invitations were perfect for capturing their favorite things.
They also love music, especially Charlotte. She always bops along to any music playing and has got real rhythm! Alejandro plays at our local farmers market and the girls love dancing to his music, so I asked him to play at the party. He was brilliant and got all the children involved, from ages 6 months to 8 years old. And of course the adults loved it also. His spanish beats echoed around the neighborhood and there was lots of dancing. It created focus and was a real talking point.

I have tried my best to avoid too much pink for the girls to date, but when it came to colors I could not resist a beautiful mix of pinks and mint green. I was inspired by the gorgeous cakes which I ordered from Let Them Eat Cake in South Melbourne, and they also made the lovely gingerbread letters and meringue toadstools and kisses.

I set up two tables, one for the children and one for the adults. The children's table featured some lunch-boxes with sultanas, cheese (cut into stars) and vegemite sandwiches (cut into hearts). There was juice pop-tops and fruit cups in lovely pink daisy cups (thanks Nathalie). I bought some cheap bottles of bubbles for the kids to blow or take home, and wrapped some lovely Specklefarm ribbon to hide the labels! I also made some yummy cheese sticks, which my girls love and are such a great snack. Little labels were a good idea so that parents knew what everything was (also from Specklefarm).

The adults table was inspired by looking at all the lovely party websites, especially Amy Atlas of New York - she does such amazing things - true eye candy and I just adore her website. I love the way she sticks to one or two colors with magnificent detail. I set the table using lots of lovely cake stands, plates and glasses (any excuse to get these out of the cardboard!). Homemade cupcakes with flowers (can get these at cake decorating stores), chocolate crackles (with flags I made from toothpick and wrapping paper), musk sticks and marshmallows, meringue and mints all created a lovely dessert. I bought lots of lolly watches and necklaces which everyone took home or wore! I also served the usual party favorites like chicken sandwiches, salmon bagels, sausage rolls, mini quiches, fairy bread, fruit sticks and grisini (i.e. cheese sticks!).

We offered Pimms and some pink soda for drinks, given it was a morning party. The Pimms was an absolute hit!

Nathalie made the beautiful banner to match our invitations. The paper lanterns also looked brilliant, sourced from Vivid Room. I plan to put them up in the girls room or use them for the next event!.

Finally, the day was not complete without some truly divine outfits for birthday girls. I found these dresses by Emma Peel in Sorrento - made with vintage fabric, one was even vintage Oscar de la Renta! Way over the top but totally fabulous! I bought the girls a pearl bracelet for their birthday present as a keepsake (adult size but fitted twice around). And they refused to take off the tiaras their Nana had bought them!

I had such fun creating the perfect party for my beautiful daughters. And most importantly, they loved every minute!

Invitations by Imprintables.

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