Teddy Bear's Picnic

Chloe's adorable party.

I like the little details of adding bees, kraft cupcake wrappers,
teddy bear biscuits and red polka dots.
Mum, Siobhan made the cake - too clever.

Games include pin the flower on the teddy and pass the parcel.
Certificates were awarded to Best bear, most loved, biggest, smallest and most adorable.

Cute coordinating dress.

Birthday banner, red striped clear bags and daisy bowls supplied by imprintables.

Picnic hampers for each child were labelled with a tag and adorned with red grosgrain ribbon.

Love the simple handwritten Kraft label on the drink bottles.
Siobhan served a wholemeal chicken salad wrap, honey joys and tiny teddy biscuits.

Imprintables invitation set $4ea AUD.

Today's the day that teddy bears have their picnic.

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