Make-Me-Up party

Francesca's Make -Me -Up party.

Each girl was able to apply makeup, create a hairstyle and make a personalised necklace for their doll. The four year old girls were thrilled and were entertained for duration of the party. Best of all they were able to take home their creation which was noted with their name beaded around the doll's neck.

Decorated using black chandeliers and pink paper lanterns and a pink striped table runner.

Each doll had their own hairdryer, brush, clips and pins, make-up kit and beads to make their necklace.

Dolls heads and most accessories from Circus Bizircus in Double Bay. And yes, the pink mini hairdryer actually works! Her husband loved the job of unscrewing the top, adding batteries and re-screwing .. 36 times!!!

Francesca's mum recommends this theme is definitely a winner for 4-year old girls!!

Look at the concentration on Francesca's face, a stylist in the making!

Black chandelier invitation set the tone of the event.

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