Cooking Party

My son Travis loves to cook {but is a fuss pot when it comes to eating}. He was able to make chicken schnitzel from the age of three and would love a cooking party but the size of my kitchen would not accomodate all his friends. I think this would make a great party theme for 4-5 year olds and have them make cookies, gingerbread or cake. They would enjoy the tactile aspect of kneading dough , tasting the before and after of the cookie mixture and decorating their gingerbread men. Sure it would be messy but lots of fun.

Little Kitchen is Australia’s FIRST organic cookery school designed and custom-built especially for children! Our students spend one hour and 10 minutes preparing 2 interesting recipes and 20 minutes in the children's dining room sampling their two Organic creations! Oh how I wished I lived in Melbourne! All images above from Little Kitchen.
Imprintables cooking party invitation

Pottery Barn wooden cooking utensils

Pottery Barn Kitchen for Kids

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