Colourful Garden party

Roxy's 5th garden birthday party.
I love Lisa's parties because she is one of those incredibly talented people, whatever she does, it always looks effortlessly stylish. She keeps things simple and loves to make a lot of the decorations, catering and even birthday cake - see her Fairy party.

The recipe for these good lookers - Frozen Banana Treats as taken from her blog below.

Cut ripe but not too soft bananas into thirds and carefully insert an ice block stick 3/4 of the way into the banana, being careful not to push it through the sides. Dip the ends into sprinkles and place the bananas on an baking tray covered in plastic wrap. When the tray is full cover in plastic wrap and freeze. They are delicious without the sprinkles too, or you can dip the bananas in melted chocolate and then roll them in nuts. Sooo good! Make sure you check that none of the children have a nut allergy first. Frozen bananas are a hit with adults as well as children, and they are handy to have in the freezer as a healthy treat (without sprinkles or chocolate!). Roxy loves them even though she hates bananas. : )

Lisa's big tip for kid's parties is: get some help! For the last 2 years she has enlisted the help of the teenage daughters of a friend. They have been fantastic and the children love 'the big girls'. Emma and Laura run the games and give out prizes, read stories, and generally entertain the kids. Everyone enjoys themselves, the girls earn some money, and it took pressure off Lisa so that she was able to entertain the mums.

Her eye-catching decorations included the Martha Stewart pom poms and paper doilies stapled together. The decorations both inside and outside, together with white butterflies which she hung from the umbrella. The food tables were covered with pieces of patterned oil cloth and there were festive straws and cocktail umbrellas in the drink cups. Such a colourful feast for the eyes!

As stated by Lisa "The idea for the ice cream sandwiches came from an old Donna Hay magazine - they are a big hit and have always been on the menu at Roxy's parties. They are easy to make and both kids and adults seem to love them. I use Chocolate Wheaten biscuits, but they'd be delicious with choc chip cookies, as long as they aren't soft or crumbly. All you do is scoop the slightly softened ice cream on top of a biscuit and then put another biscuit on top, squishing it down. With a knife scrape away any excess ice cream from the sides."

For more details about this party and to read her fantastic blog


Kasia Jacquot said...

love the banana idea! my son is having his 4th in a couple of weeks and i'll definately use it.

Jennifer Barker said...

I have just come across your blog and LOVE it!!
Lots of fabulous ideas - those pom poms are SO cute! :)

lisa tilse said...

Thanks Nathalie for your compliments! I have to admit I do love to style and create Roxy's parties. As you know it's SO much fun.

Adrienne said...

What a great idea! I love how colourful and lighthearted everything is. I'll definitely be using the pom pom and doilies ideas. Thanks for sharing!