Amy Butler

Amy Butler needs no introduction ...... just remember to breathe!

Above are images from Amy Butler's tableware range, an eco line of paper tableware (plates, napkins, towels) that coordinates so you're entire party can be fresh and "green." The plates and napkins are printed with 100% soy ink, plus the plates use a water-soluble coating so that they can be rinsed and recycled too!
Does anyone know of an Australian stockist?


lisa tilse said...

Oh Nathalie I love Amy's disposable tableware! Last time I checked her website there weren't any Aussie stockists... I wish..

Siobhan said...

Aren't these just divine? I am sure we can fix that Australian stockist issue ;) Great to see your blog filling with new entries. We are about to join the blogging fun so will be sure to share some blog love.
Talk soon

Kasia Jacquot said...

Hi Nathalie apparently there is a shop in Dural on the Round Corner that does her fabrics I think?