Mermaid - Under the Sea

A watery wonderland with hues of blues, greens and pinks. The grace and beauty of a mermaid captures the imagination of any little girl. Create an under-the-sea party for your little mermaid. Create a space filled with sea-themed objects such as paper cut-outs of fish, octopus and crabs, find shells to decorate tables and favor bags. A fish net could be used to cover a wall or ceiling. White or blue tin pails to serve popcorn, cookies and candy. Pale watery colours for balloons and silver streamers to create an impression of seaweed swaying underwater. Serve blue lemonade with tuna and mash cutlets, Guylian chocolate shells [or make your own] and madeleine cookies. Below we have some beautiful photos of Francesca's mermaid party, it contains many great ideas that can turn your party into a magical wonderland.

Below: Under the Sea Party
photo courtesy of Great Parties for Kids by Hammick & Packer
Cardboard fish cut-outs hung with fishing line, white fish nets, green and blue streamers with the green Ikea soft storage unit displaying the party favours creates a sea themed wonderland.

Above: Donna Hay Kids 2005 features an Under the Sea themed party with lots of great recipes to help create delicious meals for your little mermaid and her friends. Click here to purchase a back issue.

Welcome to Francesca's 4th birthday party.

Steal this idea: A chest filled with treasures of the sea - strings of pearls, feather boas, princess crowns and jewellery. Available from

Above: The main backdrop was a held by discreet curtain rods that features images of the sea. This created an under water atmosphere that then extended into finer details. Francesca's mum filled the area with helium fish, dolphin and blue toned balloons which delighted the little ones. Each guest took home a bucket and spade set which was attached a huge foil dolphin balloon, they could fill the bucket with treasures from the treasure chest (pearls, necklaces, rings, jewels etc) as well as lollies from the lolly table .

Above: Beautiful seahorses ordained each table, simply gorgeous. Available from Ariel was a popular guest at the party and Francesca was the first to greet! White tablecloths with white tin pails were filled with goodies and looked great against the sea backdrop.

Above: This magnificent cake decorated in pastel hues of shells, colourful sea creatures and of course the enchanting mermaid. Too good to eat! Created by

Above: Francesca's baby sister in a matching mermaid outfit by, I love the soft pink sequined fish tail - so sweet! An octopus jumping castle keep them entertained for hours. The image of the octopus sprinkler is by Pottery Barn

Above left: - delicious range of coloured candy. A fish net is an inexpensive prop which can transform an area. Martha Stewart painted shell place-cards, use these to label buffet items, drinks or attach to the party bags. Fish bubbles from

Below: Fish place mats by Pottery Barn, make your own with coloured scrapbooking paper cut into a simple fish outline.Above: The ever inspiring Donna Hay Swirly Bread Shell sandwiches.
Recipe: 250g butter
1/2 cup of icing sugar
1 loaf of bread unsliced
green and blue sprinkles

Place butter and sugar in the bowl of an electric mixer and beat for 2=3 minutes until creamy. Remove crusts from the bread and cut the loaf lengthways into four equal slices. use a rolling pin to flatten and lengthen the bread. ( I bought my loaf from Bakers Delight/Brumby's and asked them to slice it lengthways). Spread butter and cover with sprinkles. Roll bread lengthways to enclose sprinkles and slice into five shell spirals. Makes 20.

Every mermaid needs a sequined fish tail.

Helium balloons available from Outoftheboxevents

The above little treasures can be found at

Fish paper lanterns from Chinatown online.

Mermaid Party Favours

Both available from 2 cute party bags.

Thank you to Francesca's mum for sharing this inspiring party. I hope to interview her soon as each party she has thrown for her daughters are so incredibly detailed and create that WOW effect. Stay tuned.....

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