Ice-cream Children's birthday party

A WET'N'WILD birthday party is all about summer!
Create a beach atmosphere with brightly colored beach towels, serve fish'n'chips, make a sandcastle birthday cake, play water based games and most importantly serve ICE-CREAM!! You can already hear the squeals of delight!

As you may be aware all my designs are based on concepts for children's parties and would like to share with you my son's third birthday party. The party was held in summer with a range of children aged between 1yr - 4yrs so the games and food had to cater for all. Below are a few snippets of the party. I hope you'll enjoy them.

TOP: Ice-cream party invitation available from The Infant Boutique.
BELOW: Handcrafted ice-cream invitation

Sunglasses were given to each child by the birthday boy as a way to welcome each guest and to get them into the summer spirit.

Summer Decor
Paper daisy cups for serving ice-cream with matching spoons. Polka dotted hessian tablecloth and treasure hunt bags in coordinating colours.
Bright beach towels strung against the fence created a colorful backdrop. Beach towels, bean bags and beach umbrellas created that essence of summer.

Mini ice-cream cones are perfect for small hands to hold - available from your local Aldi.
Paper napkins teamed with paper lunch boxes are perfect for Fish'n'Chips. I also added fresh corn cobs for a healthier food option.

Ice-Cream Cake
Using a sandcastle mould, line with cling wrap and fill with your favourite ice-cream flavor. Turn upside down to serve. Add crushed biscuits to create the look of sand and decorate with surfboard candles, fish etc. What child doesn't ADORE ice-cream cake!

Party Games
1. The Cup Race - balance a cup of water on your head while trying to walk as fast as possible to the finish line.
2. A sand pit was great to keep the little ones entertained
3.The Big Water Balloon Fight - with two teams on either end, what could be more fun than getting blasted by a water balloon - mums, my advice is to duck for cover.
4. Slip'n'Slide - the hit of the party, add a little baby shampoo to make it slippery.

Hints of Summer
1. Walnut summer sandals - too sweet.
2. Pineapple slushie's recipe and image courtesy of
Martha Stewart.
3. Personalised Ice-cream Spoons
4. Ice-cream lollies were a favourite of mine as a child.

An Ice-cream Party for the Girls
by Romi,

By grouping and spacing the lolly bags on a white with a white linen tablecloth and the backdrop of the greenery, it becomes a beautiful way to say
Thank you for coming to my party.

Love how she wrapped the water bottles in gift wrap.

The fruits of summer.

Thanks Romi for sharing this beautiful party.

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