Vintage Circus Party

My son, Ethan was going to celebrate his 2nd birthday although he was too young to have friends of his own he had a cousins, playgroup and child-care friends ranging from 1 week old to 5 yrs. I needed a party theme that would cater for these ages and not have to spend riduclous amounts of money on an entertainer as I knew they would not be able to hold the attention of my cheeky two year old. I wanted a party that I could manage on my own and have fun with the theme adding a touch of nostaglia for adults, what could be more suitable than the


A circus themed birthday party is great for a range of age groups and is great for entertaining both boys and girls. As each guest arrived Ethan gave them an ADMIT ONE ticket which allowed them a popcorn cone, fairy floss stick or coloured ice.

Old-fashioned party games are guaranteed to entertain.

Egg and spoon race were made even more gorgeous with laikonik's hand painted eggs.
Oversized balloons filled the jumping castle.

Clown wigs made every child smile. Used cans of soup-in-a-can and formula were ideal for a game of Tin Toss. Tug-of-war - boys vs girls and then mum vs dads caused lots of giggles.


After the crazy dancing competition every child WON a lucky dip bag. The bags and pegs were bought from imprintables for $1.20 each.
Instead of lolly bags, Showbags were given at the end of the party and were filled with items reminiscent of a circus like glow sticks, juggling balls, fairy floss, tattooes etc.

How to make Showbags

1. Purchase small Kraft paper bags and cut off top half.
2. With a double hole puncher create two sets of holes on either side.
3. Buy a range of grosgrain ribbon and mix colour combinations to create a fusion of colour. Thread through hole and tie a knot on the inside bag on each end to secure handle.
4. Print a label stating SHOWBAG.

Each child was given a child size clown wig and were asked to show their craziest clown-like face for the photo.

The candy bar was filled with old-fashioned styled lollies like musks, marshmellows, lollipops and a mixture of bubbles, clown noses and whistles. they could choose their own additions for their showbag to take home. The lollies are contained in a collection of used jam, soup and coffee glass jars.


Mini hamburgers and hot dogs, hot chips, popcorn, toffee apples, fairy floss, ice-cream.

Bright coloured decor - fabric tablecoth bought from Spotlight, popcorn served in paper cones.

Which child [or adult] doesn't love Fairy Floss? Large wooden sticks for easy grip were donated by our doctor.

Felt cake decorations available from Mahar Drygoods - too easy!


Meredith @ Eisele Family News said...

Every detail is precious! I came across your blog in my search for vintage circus party ideas for my son's upcoming 2nd birthday. You did such a great job on this party!

Sara Landreneau Kleinpeter said...

I am trying to plan my son's 1st birthday and am doing a vintage theme circus party. Your blog is so helpful. Where did you have your invitations done?