Kite Flying Party

I have the philosophy that you don’t need to spend loads of money on entertainers, a few traditional games keeps the children amused for hours. Travis’ kite flying party is a perfect example, it was the most amazing yet inexpensive party and the children LOVED flying their kites – so simple! The kite also became their take-home gift.

I picked a park with large open space and not too many trees to disrupt the flying of kites. I set up a large area in which the children received a kite flying kit and were able to decorate their kites with glitter and paint. This activity was organised first so it had time to dry. Then after having lunch which consisted of a lunch box – apple, bottle of juice, simple sandwich wrapped in red striped lunch bag and rice crackers, they played a few traditional games.

The ‘sack race’ was made buying inexpensive material and copying the size of a pillow case –perfect size for the children. An exciting way to give the child their treat bag was to play ‘Treasure Hunt’. Kraft boxes with the same striped bags were used as they found the treats and toys for their bags to take home and enjoy after the party.

By this stage the decorated kites had dried and the children spent the rest of the afternoon flying their kites in the park. The children had such a great time that two bought in their kites for ‘show and tell’ at Preschool the following day!

Fill buckets tin buckets with chalk, paint, glue and glitter for children to decorate their kites.

Lunchboxes are great for parks. pre-pack the night prior to party by adding non-persihables such as rice crackers, juice/water bottle, lollipop and add a sandwich, apple and fresh popcorn on the morning of the party. Each child has their own box of goodies in which they can finish eating later in they are still hungry.

Set up are area in which they can decorate, paint and allow the kites to dry.

Handcrafted birthday banner

Lunchboxes for each child, guaranteed there would be no squabbles about whose drink it belonged too.

A simple vegemite sandwich packed in a delightful striped lunch bag

Treasure hunt doubled up as the take-home lolly bags.

Flying a kite is just so easy and sooo much fun!


Jennifer said...

I love these red and white striped sandwich bags. Where can I find some? I saw them in Martha Stewart once and couldn't find them anywhere. cute party!

:: imprintables:: said...

I purchased them from a children's store, if you do find them please let me know as I would love to be able to sell these on my website.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post but I was looking for some inspiration for my daughters up and coming 3rd birthday. Can you tell me where you had the 'yum' stickers made?
In regards to the striped sandwich bags I know you can get them from this site in the UK.


Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post but I was wondering where you got the kites from - what a fantastic idea!