Hawaiian Party

Ahola, your invited to a Hawaiian Luau. Make frangapani lei's, decorate the room with bamboo torches, serve pineapple juice punch with strawberries and sit and enjoy lunch on a grass mat. Don't forget to practice your hula dancing.

Vintage Hawaiian Invitation by imprintables
Kasia from LAIKONIK celebrated her daughters fourth birthday party in Hawaiian style. Layers of coloured fabric were used as tablecoths, crepe fringing surrounded the marquee, the fruit punch was a hit with the children as were the frozen pineapple rings, hibiscus cookie medals were given to all who participated in the limbo game. All guests were given a lei to create the relaxed atmosphere while Elvis played in the background.

Above: Birthday Girl in her Hula skirt

Above: Cookie medals


Sun Pinata

Hula Skirt

Anything goes with this party theme!

Simple party games
Hot Coconut - instead of Hot Potato
Everyone sits in a circle. While the Hawaiian music is playing, the coconut is passed from one child to another. When the music stops, the one holding the coconut is out.

Musical Beach Towels instead of Musical Chairs
Place the towels on the floor in a circle. When the music stops, everyone must find a towel to stand on. Whoever doesn’t find one, is out. Remove a towel and start the music again. Keep playing until there is one player left.


Hula Hoop
whoever can swing the hula hoop on their hips for the longest amount of time wins.

Food Ideas
Hawaiian pizza,
Hamburgers with pineapple
Melon fruit kebabs, Pineapple Slushie's [ below image from Martha Stewart]

Tropical Fruit Punch
1 litre of Pineapple juice
1 litre of Apple juice
1 litre of Golden Circle Tropical juice in tin
1 litre of Lemonade [optional]

Pour and stir into a large bowl
Add stawberries to decorate
Mint [optional]

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